12,017.93 km away!
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12,017.93 km away!

Away from what? Try to guess… do you have any idea? Of course there is more than one answer, but my answer is Santiago of Chile! The city where I come from.

On September 7 I finally arrived at Nyenrode, ready to start my MBA. After some months preparing exams (like GMAT! I know that it is very boring, but all MBAs require such an exam, so there is no way to avoid it if you want to do an MBA), writing essays, translating all the documents needed, coordinating a lot of things and after few tears at the airport, I finally arrived.

That day was my first time here and I really cannot explain how happy I was (well, I am still very happy now!)

To begin with, I had recognize that Nyenrode´s campus is much more awesome and impressive than what I had expected from the photos on the website. It is really amazing! (Later I would discover that it is a motivating environment for doing exercise!).


Loreto in her new home at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Then, when I arrived at my room, the place where I will stay, study and sleep for the next 365 days, I found another great surprise. The view from my window was incredible… trees, grass and a lake with ducks.

After tidying up my clothes and all my stuff (3 suitcases!), I met some guys from the previous year’s International MBA class who showed me around the most important places on campus and of course told me where to buy food, because at that time, after being travelling more than 12.000 kilometres I was starving!

It was a great beginning! 24 hours after having left Santiago, I had 2 new friends and a lot of places to discover as I kicked-off my International MBA at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

If you have any questions about Nyenrode, studying in the Netherlands or the International MBA, just send me an email to L.Scaff@imba2012.nyenrode.nl, I will be very happy to answer your questions!

Author: Ma. Loreto Scaff, International MBA student from Chile, Nyenrode Business Universiteit