PhD Course Work: A High Value Teaching
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PhD Course Work: A High Value Teaching

PhD course work at the Faculty of Health, AU is a two way system. The aims of these courses are to upgrade PhD students and solve the problems which they encounter in their own research projects. There are more the 30 PhD courses conducted every session (6 months). I consider these courses as high valued because it’s thought by research group leaders who are working in that field and considered experts.


One of the key features that makes PhD course unique is its teaching pool. The teaching group usually consists of experts from AU, Industries like Taconic, Dako and other universities like Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Odense etc. These industrial experts unable students to understand current problems faced by industries.

The Course topics are specifically selected for PhD students with a view to enhance learning and research-based strategies. To mention courses like Laboratory animal science, Experimental surgical techniques in rodents, Molecular Medicine gives in-depth hands on training on experimental techniques. Other courses like Magnetic Resonance, Protein profiling gives updated information in current research.  

Internationalization of AU has given rise to many new PhD courses. Today, almost all the courses are thought in English and there are many PhD courses which are oriented towards International students.  Courses like Effective Speaking, Medical Scientific English, Scientific English Presentation etc., are aiming to help international as well as native students in developing their skills of communication which orelse would be difficult. Other courses like Health communication – Scientific communication in English for health workers, Media training, Scientific Writing-and-Peer Review helps to improve PhD students writing skills.

A PhD course consists of Lectures, Group discussions, presentations by students, hands on training, Assignments etc.

Most of these Lectures in the course will be focusing on day to day experimental problems faced by the researchers and ways to overcome it. During the course, students will be asked to present their own problems which will be critically discussed. These discussions are always fruitful with a view of narrowing down student problem. This mode of teaching always helps to avoid the common mistakes made by students in their own projects.

Group discussions and assignments given during the course are research oriented and help the students to hone their research skills. Graduate school Victor Albert Building has specially designed classrooms with multimedia technology which makes learning experience even better.

Overall the courses at the faculty of health give new experience of learning and all-round development of PhD students.