International students happy with Denmark
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International students happy with Denmark

The majority of international students in Denmark are satisfied with their education, and 4 out of 5 would recommend studying in Denmark. This is the result of a brand new survey concerning the experiences of more than 5,500 students who have studied in Denmark. The survey was conducted in the majority of European countries by the British analyst bureau i-graduate.

Happy2-349x257  Since 2008 when the first “i-graduate survey” was made, satisfaction with the arrival procedures in Denmark has increased, alongside the welcome programmes of the institutions and the contact time with teachers. Furthermore, it is easier to find housing now than in 2008.

International students fit into the Danish job market
The survey also shows that international students in Denamrk more often have a job alongside their studies than international students in other European countries, and that these jobs are relevant to their studies. Moreover, students in Denmark spend more hours a week studying and receiving counseling than international students in others European countries.

Support and socialisation can still be improved
The 2011 report does also highlight the aspects which need improvement. International students note that the counseling at Danish institutions and other support services does not fully fulfill their expectations. Furthermore, international students still find it a little hard to get in touch with their fellow Danish students – but they are still as satisfied with their education, that 4 out of 5 would recommend studying in Denmark.

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