Effective Audacity
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Effective Audacity

Effective Audacity.   What a great expression, what a fitting tribute to such an extraordinary filmmaker as Ken Russell whom you can read about in Derek Malcolm’s obituary   http://gu.com/p/33kz5

images2  Ken Russell was loved or loathed but never ignored. The great film critic Pauline Kael said of him in her review of Savage Messiah

“Is there any other movie director with the flair and imagination and, yes, the force of Ken Russell who has so little actual command of what is generally considered “film technique”?”

He was for me a fantastic storyteller.  His tales were tall sometimes off the wall but always very, very different.

If you want a gentle introduction to his prowess as a film maker and above all his wonderful insightful into classical music then watch The Song of Summer.  It is available on You Tube in five parts

If then you want to go for stronger stuff head for The Music Lovers and only then can you attempt The Devils.  As a filmmaker and as an artist shouldn’t we all strive for Effective Audacity.


Tommy. Directed by Ken Russell