A reflection on the BRIC economies discussion
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A reflection on the BRIC economies discussion

It was the 9th of November and I was excited to attend my first event at Westminster Business School, London, designed for MBA students and graduates with an interest in global business and the BRIC economies. It was an event conducted by the Association of MBA’s (AMBA) and Kent Business School, being accredited by it, was given preference to attend the event.
The journey from Canterbury to London began at 4:15 pm where our School has arranged a mini van for the 14 of the MBA students. We were all pretty excited, as some of us were international students and therefore were going to London for the first time. We were accompanied by Dr Fragkiskos Filippaios, who is the School’s Director for PG Development and Accreditations and a Senior Lecturer in International Business. The journey to the destination took us around 2 hours and it was enjoyable being able to spend time with our classmates outside of the teaching room! We reached Westminster
on time and were welcomed by AMBA. The BRIC panel discussion started soon with the introduction of the guests by Sharon Bamford, the Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs. The guest speakers were Anna Stupnytska and Guy-Fraser Sampson. The panel mainly discussed how the growing BRIC economies will affect business in the next decade. It also discussed why the four countries are the largest economies, the risks and opportunities of investing and doing business with the BRIC economies. It was an interactive and useful session. After the discussion we had the opportunity to network with other MBA students of business schools in and around London. We left London just after 9pm and headed back to the Canterbury Campus
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to attend more of these events conducted by different associations where I get to improve my networking skills and also understand the business around the world in a better way.