Workshop with Gun Lund
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Workshop with Gun Lund

One more week and the course I am enrolled to at the moment – Design Tools and Communication – is over. It’s been a journey this one month of working from 9 till 9 everyday (some people even worked during weekend, but I wasn’t prepared to give up those two short days of relaxation). But this week it was also fun! We had a workshop with a Swedish choreographer Gun Lund.


She is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance in Sweden and she is also an alumnus of Chalmers. She received her Master degree in Art and Technology at our lovely University. In 2005 she was awarded the Dance Prize of Swedish Theatre Critics (according to Wikipedia).

 What we did with her was a research of Drottningstorget (Central station tram stop) flows of people and the spatiality of the space. Around 15 of use went to the location, got dressed in blue and green raincoats and walked around the place. Then we danced a simple choreography she taught us. The place I was even had music to dance to – three older guys with accordions and some other instruments I don’t know. They even played a Serbian song ()


And people stopped to look at us and take videos, though it was raining. I just hope somebody will post it on youtube so I can see myself looking funny!

Here are some of the pictures from E=mc2 Dance in 2004, one of Gun’s works. 




Fotograf: Robert Nilsson