Thank you KickOff – Göteborgs Opera
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Thank you KickOff – Göteborgs Opera

I probably shouldn’t be writing this since I haven’t slept since 7am on Thursday and I’ll make a bunch of mistakes and typos. Student’s life, what else can I say. Everybody who studies architecture knows how we get day or two before the presentation. I am no exception. Also on this point, I was asked by many people what is needed when applying for a Master of Architecture at Chalmers. I promise to talk about this sometime soon.

Today I had a treat after the exam – a night at Gothenburgs Opera. We watched for free a modern dance performance thanks to the Goteborgs Student KickOff () coupons. Thanks thanks thanks! A lot!

I am always amazed by the level of work I’ve seen put into Swedish production of plays. And by these I mean operas, dancing, acting… Everything is driven to the perfection and music, light, scenography – they all relate incredibly.

What I’ve seen tonight was just one in the row of amazing performances done in Göteborg.

“Three different styles join in harmony when the choreographers and their works come together with the Göteborg Ballet ensemble. For the first dance première of the season one Italian and two Scandinavian choreographers have worked together with three composers to create a triple bill full of movement, energy and music composed especially for this production.

Without any doubt, my favorite (and judging by the amount of screams and applause, audience’s as well) was a work of Susanna Leinonen – Transient Horizon. Second best goes to a Swedish choreographer Helena Franzen and her new work Fading. Third act by Italian artistic director Roberto Zappala got me confused. I didn’t really enjoy it and I had this feeling one of the dancers was extremely unsure in her performance. But what do I know about that?

What I do know is how much more I like modern ballet to the classical one. I believe it glorifies the body so much more, both in perfection and imperfection of it. And also, you can dream while watching it and create a unique story that relates only to you and only in that point of your life. I have no idea what the three different works from tonight represented, but in my mind each had a story.

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