Australian bikini parade breaks world record
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Australian bikini parade breaks world record

By Kritika Seksaria

The spectacular view of Surfer’s Paradise was further embellished this weekend as 357 bikini clad women strutted by the beach at the Surfers Paradise bikini parade. The event has made its mark on the Guinness Book of World Record, smashing the previous record set by Cayman Islands of 331 women in bikinis parading by the beach.


Bikini clad women strut their stuff in Surfers Paradise Sunday. Pic: David Clark,

Australian Guinness World Record adjudicator Chris Sheedy was on hand to officially declare the record attempt a success. According to a news report in the Herald Sun, he states:

Today 361 girls walked through the counter but there had to be a few disqualifications because they were not wearing bikinis. Unfortunately for the Cayman Islands they have had their record smashed because 357 walked through the count today.

As the sun was shining over the beach, the women walked by in glamorous colours ranging from pink, yellow, and red to all time favourites such as black and white. The sassy look was topped with hot pink caps worn by most of the women forming a uniform pattern as they walked by.

A newscast by Sky News mentions that the line stretched more than 200 metres and was rather distracting. Bikini inventor Paula Stafford, who introduced the two-piece bathing suit to Australia 65 years ago, honoured the event with her very cheery and graceful presence. Strutting around in her pants, shirt and the signature pink cap, Stafford told Sky News:

“I think it’s wonderful! It’s so exciting!”

The colourful event is expected to boost the tourism in Queensland, as it becomes the bikini capital of the world.

A large part of Queensland’s economy is dependent on tourism and the massive floods this year seem to have naturally deterred tourists from considering it as a holiday destination.

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan said tourism is vital to the Queensland economy, contributing over $9 billion per annum, with 51 million visitors last year.

The Gillard government along with the Queensland government announced a $10 million Tourism Industry Support Package to provide a vital boost for the many families and small businesses that depend on Queensland’s reputation as one of the world’s most attractive tourist locations.

Kritika Seksaria is a Regional Representative for Asian Correspondent based in Melbourne, Australia.