IKEA and Erasmus
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IKEA and Erasmus



Actually, the full title is How to fight P.E.D syndrome with shopping at IKEA.


There is this thing some students call “post Erasmus depression – P.E.D”.

Basically it means that once you return back to normal life after a half (or more) year of partying, meeting new people, enjoying life to the fullest you tend to  get depressed… If you are interested in hearing more about it, go to this guy and watch some of the videos


Unfortunately, even though I am not an Erasmus student, I tend to get this syndrome from time to time. It happens around the holidays when I remember all the adventures with people that went back home. And then we try to meet in a city we’ve never been to before, celebrate Christmas or the New Year and tell anecdotes about the time spent together in Sweden. These days, I am in the middle of such planning and it is so complicated!!!


But there is one other thing you can do if you ever find yourself in P.E.D position.

Have you heard of IKEA? The world’s largest furniture retailer that was founded by a mere 17 year old boy called Ingvar Kamprad. It is this wonderland of furniture, textiles, decorations, toys, food and much more. It has a very unique type of architecture designed to make you shop till you drop – quite literally. We are all dreading the visit to this monument of empty wallets and still we all run there whenever we can. I don’t know a single person that managed to just get in, buy what they need and get out. No, no, you will end up with at least a couple of candles, new bed sheets, some cute pillows and a plant (preferably plastic one since we all know about students’ nurturing abilities). I could get deeper into the architecture that makes you consume more than needed, but it’s not the reason why I mentioned IKEA.




Reason behind it is that this unique design is applied to every IKEA shop in the world!

No matter where you find yourself there is one thing that will always look the same – the layout plan of an IKEA store. That is why some post Erasmus students go to IKEA frequently. Inside it feels like you never left Sweden. Everything is familiar, just where you remember it was and only thing that changed is restaurant menu.




So, if you have some of the P.E.D syndromes – find the nearest IKEA store and go over there!

 Or you can try an opposite approach. If you are planning to come and study in Sweden, go to the IKEA in your home town and remember how it looks. Whenever you feel homesick, you can just enter the store again and it will be like you never left home.


And now I’m off to bed and the newest floral IKEA bedding I had no need for.