How time flies
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How time flies

It almost seems like yesterday that I walked into the International Office at the George Thomas Building to commence my internship which has seen me spend the past three months working in an office environment, having so many meetings and completing different projects.

Indeed, it has been a roller coaster ride of 55 working days spent on various activities and tasks which have not only enriched my working experience and skill set but also exposed me to a whole new environment and way of doing things.

This internship afforded me the great privilege of working with a very diverse and ‘international’ team which has improved my team working skills tremendously.  For example, my work on the Social networking campaign of the International Office which includes monitoring its Facebook page meant I had to work with all teams in the office to provide answers to queries asked by Fans which could be on just anything.  This also improved my communication skills.

The team members have been quite supportive and helpful in making this internship go smoothly and I am most grateful to them all.  Also, because I was “hotdesking”, this meant I ended up using so many officers’ desks while they were away.  I am therefore grateful to Rami, Ruth, Polly, Vicki, Carlene, Alison and Elisa for ‘letting’ me use their desks while they were away.

My Line Manager, Ines, went a great length to ensure I had a productive time here by making sure my calendar was busy most if not all the time and scheduling weekly meetings where I had to give regular updates on progress made on various projects/tasks and if there were any impediments to my meeting the deadline(s).  This for sure kept me on my toes!

My other boss, Jo gave me probably the most challenging experience as I had to build the Links Register from scratch following her specifications.  This was an eye-opening experience which made me fall back on my ECS knowledge base so as to deliver.  I am most grateful to both bosses – Jo and Ines for making sure I had a productive and enriching time here.  Of course, I always had to rely on other colleagues as well for clarification on issues I did not understand and all were quite helpful. My thanks go to all in the office for their support.

From next week, the only deadlines I would have to bother about would be course works and labs so there really isn’t time to rest and recharge.  Also, for any queries, I would now have to turn to my lecturers, tutor or course mates not office colleagues.  I wouldn’t’ also have to specify whether I am a staff or student when I go to SUSU café or the Staff Club for a meal as I most surely would be dressed as a proper student!  What changes these would be.  I am going to miss the ‘quiet’ and mature atmosphere, the cakes and goodies from international travels always left at “the usual place” and the occasional office banter.

I have been asked to keep in touch and I surely will.  In fact, there is an invitation from Jon and Richard for a drink and Rami for possibly football or ‘Shisha’ competition. Once again, many thanks to all at the International officers without exception; keep on with the good work!


Mountbatten building (Image courtsey the International Office)