Chalmers University of Technology
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Chalmers University of Technology

Located in Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology is one of the Sweden’s most respected institutes of higher education. Spread across two campuses – Johanneberg and Lindholmen – it is also one of Sweden’s largest universities.

The university is home to about 11,000 students and 2,500 staff. It offers an international atmosphere, with students from all across the world coming here to learn the skills that will kick-start a successful career in the Life Sciences. The learning is research-driven and the superior infrastructure at the university facilitates the learning process. Almost 40 percent of Sweden’s engineers and architects are trained at Chalmers.

The university has eight ‘Areas of Advance’, one of which is Life Science. Creating the powerful fusion of education, research and innovation, the university aims to create solutions which contribute to a sustainable future and meet the needs of the society.


Pic: Chalmers University of Technology.

Chalmers is actively seeking and providing engineering solutions to present biotechnology as an answer for sustainable production of fuels, chemicals and materials. Disease prevention through disease diagnosis, systems medicine and advancing nutrition are also key research areas.

The interdisciplinary research across the eight ‘Areas of Advance’ during research allows Life Science to cross paths with Computer Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and so on.

The Life Science Area of Advance actively contributes to creating a sustainable society through several projects. For instance, creating new processes for sustainable production of fuel and chemicals using microbial fermentation; producing cultured meat which turns a cell into muscle cells for meat; or creating nutrients without animal components which can be produced from sunlight and carbon dioxide.


Matching the highest global standards the university offers 40 International Masters programs, all taught in English, and keeps the teaching as practical as possible. The faculty from around the world provide a kaleidoscopic view of all things to do with Life Sciences, and project-based learning lends a practical edge to education here. With as many as 3,000 students studying Masters programs at Chalmers, the international student and teacher population also offers a global network. All Masters programs are two years in duration and award a Master of Science degree.

One course worth mentioning is the M.Sc in Biotechnology. Those who have studied Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry at undergraduate level can apply for this course. The M.Sc in Biotechnology teaches students how to use engineering in the analysis and manipulation of biological systems to offer practical solutions. The program is in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, where students study the cell and molecular biology and biochemistry elements of the program. The areas of genetics, process engineering and applied physics are taught at Chalmers University.

Campus Life
There are two campuses at the university which are linked with buses and are close to the city centre. The Johanneberg Campus is the oldest and the largest campus in the city district of Johanneberg. The Lindholmen Campus is located on Norra Älvstranden and is one of Gothenburg’s most modern and rapidly developing city districts.

Accommodation for students on campus is available in the form of student rooms and apartments which are available for international students. The university does not handle administration of these accommodations and all the administration of registration, contract, keys, maintenance and payments is the responsibility of the housing agencies. Those students who pay tuition fees are guaranteed accommodation by the university. Although Masters students are not guaranteed accommodation, the university can help them find a house or apartment.


Pic: Chalmers University of Technology.

The university’s Students’ Union has a 10,000 strong membership and is an independent organization. It works towards improving the quality of education, career opportunities as well as the social life of the students. It offers various clubs and societies to keep the students engaged. Choir singing, ballooning and extreme sports are just some of the many clubs and societies students can be a part of at Chalmers University. The massive 9,000m2 Students’ Union building is one of the largest in the country. The building has won the Kasper Salin Prize and is a favorite location for hosting festivals, conferences, music concerts and even snowboarding competitions. The Students’ Union also owns a cabin with wood-fired sauna that students can rent for a reasonable price.

The university offers a healthy mix of local and international students. International university partners include RWTH Aachen, UPC Barcelona, TU Delft, Loughborough University, Politecnico di Milano, École Centrale Paris, Trinity College and ETH Zürich, among many others.

Studying in Sweden
Chalmers is located in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. This lively location is a hub of entertainment and activity, and a melting pot of cultures and people from across the world. The city boasts a unique maritime atmosphere and lies within easy reach of other major cities across the country.

You can connect with Chalmers University of Technology on Facebook, Renren and YouTube