Autumn – it’s official
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Autumn – it’s official


There I was, in my summer-ish dress, over knee boots and leather jacket, waiting for a bus home. On my shoulder a huge IKEA bag with pillows and bunch of other unnecessary stuff (shopping at IKEA is my next subject, I swear). One minute I was standing and enjoying a light breeze of fresh air, next minute a drop of water fell on my hand, next second whole lot of drops soaked me and my new pillows!

There it is – Swedish/Gothenburg weather – completely unpredictable.

I am officially declaring autumn from today on. My wardrobe and I were fighting against it, but not anymore. It’s officially time to put on raincoats, umbrellas and gummistövlar (or as known in some other countries – fishermen’s boots). On the other hand, light is amazing and perfect for picture taking.

Liseberg_151  Liseberg_170  Liseberg_175  Liseberg_191  Liseberg_199  Liseberg_209

So, enjoy the weather lovely folks,





p.s. you can always find my pictures on since this blog changes the size of files and they look really strange (at least to me)