Andrew Bolt vs The Monthly: Australia’s media wars continue
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Andrew Bolt vs The Monthly: Australia’s media wars continue

A funny thing happens when the Left decide to sit down and Finally Deal with Australia’s right wing commentators Once and For All – they seem to lose all sense of self awareness.

Take the occasion, earlier this year, when Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt were defamed by the anti-semites’ periodical of choice, New Matilda.

Blair took them to task about it, and while he (or Bolt) could have taken them to the cleaners, Tim instead took the very civilised path of encouraging them to make a donation to charity – and then matching it himself.

New Matilda can count themselves lucky and, if they can find a spare moment from campaigning to have rocket launchers situated closer to Israel, probably should adopt Tim as some kind of patron saint.

Following Bolt’s loss in a recent court case that found he upset fair-skinned Aborigines, the Left has gotten very excited about it all. One consequence of this is that they set him up for what appears to have been a hatchet job in the periodical, The Monthly.

Once again, the main criticisms of him arising from the court case were that he made a few errors of fact, and that commentators at his blog are sometimes less than civilised. The funny thing about this is that nobody from the Left ever appears able to write about Bolt without making the vilest slurs and the most fundamental errors.

Who knew that the sewer is not the best route for taking the high moral ground? Not the Left, that’s for sure.

Somehow or other, the writer of the piece, Anne Summers could not manage to write her piece about Bolt without vilifying his wife . And yes, Summers is supposed to be a feminist.

The piece has since been taken down from The Monthly website, and an excerpt published at our compulsory pay opinion site, The Drum has been altered.

Laughably, the editor of The Drum has added his own commentary where he lambasts Bolt, and particularly, his commentators. This, from the man who employed bloggers at Crikey from one of Australia’s nastiest anonymous blogs, and continued to publish some of them on our taxpayer funded site.

This from the editor of The Monthly , by the way, appears to demonstrate that they have learned nothing and, if anything, are reveling in the attention.

Meanwhile, in a somewhat sexist presumption, both The Monthly and The Drum appear to have overlooked the fact that while Andrew Bolt is renowned for not taking legal action, neither of them know for sure the stance that his wife is likely to take.