Welcome back !!!
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Welcome back !!!



Hello friends, I am back to Sweden and chalmers or should I say “tillbaka I sverige” J.  Well I was back around a fortnight back and I haven’t written anything about how my second year at Chalmers began. Well the first week was pretty busy and a bit boring cause I spent my entire holiday relaxing at home. But of course a really nice experience to meet all other friends after so long time. So the sharing sessions are still on about the adventures everybody did in the whole summer. :P


I am taking three courses this semester so I hardly get free time at University and seating straight for 8 hours of lectures a day is a mammoth task J but of course thermos full of coffee helps you through the dayJ. Oh ya! That is my new strategy to cut costs, see I am totally got used to this coffee drinking habit of typical swed last year and I paid royally for that habit :P even if Café Bulten serves you coffee at cheapest rates If you drink two or three cups a day that a fortune you are spending!. So this is how I saved atleast 100 SEK a week by making myself a home made Kafe J.

Other that everything is quite the same as before. The weather is not so good but fortunately on weekends it was sunny so roamed a bit in the city, saw many new students with map in their hands trying to find the way around J good old days!

There is a International lean conference at Chalmers on 19th to 22nd of September I found it very interesting as that is my area of interest and I have decided to go forward and volunteer in the process of arranging the program. In return I get to meet the experts and researchers all around the world and even listen to some of the speakers if time permits. Not a shabby deal for a knowledge seeking student J. This is what I like about this university there is always something happening around  you just need to pay attention and hop in.

Yesterday I went to nearby islands to just move around as it was highly recommended by my friends as must go place and weather was good. I will write more about that trip in my next blog.


Till Then, take care J