Tour da Island Branno !!
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Tour da Island Branno !!

Hey guys, as promised in my last post I am going to tell you about the mini trip I had to nearby island in Gothenburg Archipelago. Well, It was a nice sunny Sunday so me and my roommate thought that It would be good idea get out of the room and get some vitamin D :P.

After having some lunch in the city we took a tram to Saltholmen ( No.11) from Central Station. It was full of people most of them were new students at Chalmers. It was quite a long ride but it feels nice to get out of the city and travel through nice homely suburbs. Children busy playing in gardens, someone getting married, an old couple enjoying their lunch on street side café. There were so many things happening around so didn’t even realized when we finally arrived to Saltholmen.

After getting down a funny thing happened, just after getting down on the tram stop almost everyone started running to harbor as one of the ferry boat was about to leave. We thought why to rush and decided to go for the next ferry, which after consulting the timetable we realized was a bad decision. The ferries are not that frequent and you need to have a plan about which islands you want to visit because there are about ten of them. We waited for around half an hour and boarded a ferry going to a nearby island branno rodsten. It was a really short ride about 10 minutes or so but it was fun standing on deck enjoying sea wind, watching people canoeing, sailing or just laying on decks sun bathing J.




After getting down the island we started walking on a trail, it was really beautiful site. There were very few people around but path was full with different exotic flowers, pastel colored houses, apples and berries, in short all natural surroundings. There were no cars, people were using some kind of hybrid motorbike designed to carry people and some goods.









We decided to just roam around and explore the places. I captured some amazing shots with my digi- cam. There was too much to captureJ. We almost travelled to far end of the island then again came back to harbor by taking a different route. We already checked the return ferry timetable so we came just in time. The most amazing part of the trip was the calmness and beauty of the place. You can see that in those pictures I have uploaded. So don’t miss this chance, you still got time and this weekend’s weather forecast is promising. So hop onJ!!!

See You Soon.