Things we miss about travel before 9/11
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Things we miss about travel before 9/11 listed 22 things they missed about travel before 9/11.

A lot of these refer specifically to U.S. travel, so I’ve pulled out nine that could refer to travel all over the world, although you don’t have to remove your shoes everywhere yet.

See for the full list.

I’ve kept their numbers for your reference.

2. Not having to remove your laptop.

3. Leaving your shoes on when going through security.

4. Not having to worry about your stuff getting stolen while it’s all spread out during security.

6. Not having to get to the airport three hours before an international flight whenever it touches the United States, even if it’s a layover.

9. Not being prompted to think “nothing could go wrong on this flight, right?”

10. Not having to worry about being pulled off a flight for having a “suspicious conversation” in a boarding queue.

12. Not having to balance a kid on your hip while trying to put your shoes / your child’s shoes on, then stuffing your laptop and stuff back into your carry-on, so you can then uncap all your kid’s bottles so the TSA agent can wave a piece of paper over them to test for illicit substances.

13. Not having to worry if the body scanner is giving you brain cancer.

15. Not having my family sit with you at the gate and wave you off as you board.

I’ll also added the following to the list:

* having to answer lengthy questions about the purpose and reason of your travel, particularly on return home
* providing full documentation about your intended destinations
* getting your toothpaste confiscated because it’s over 100ml
* not being able to take your own water on board and having to buy inflight
* keeping completely silent through all check-in, boarding, customs and other baggage procedures for fear of saying the wrong thing
* thinking up ways of avoiding flying altogether where possible!
* trying to position yourself in the queue to avoid the body scanner
* getting to the airport early just so you’ll have time to get through security – and sometimes paying for the express line on busy days