Tel Aviv International MBA – Alumni Blog, Terry Wang
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Tel Aviv International MBA – Alumni Blog, Terry Wang

Alumni Blog

Terry Wang, Class of 2011
Home country: Taiwan
Before Sofaer: Master of Science from National Chung Hsin University; IT Specialist, IBM
After Sofaer: Marketing Manager, Orbotech

For the past several years, my family has lived in various countries throughout the Middle East. Over these years I developed a desire to understand foreign business environments and be exposed to entrepreneurship.


Terry (fourth from left) with fellow classmates in China during Sofaer’s Doing Business in China course. From left to right: Gargi (India), Lara (Palestine), Masha (Russia), Terry (Taiwan), Jeremie (France)

Israel’s reputation as the wonderland of high tech industry and innovation first caught my attention. The prestige of Tel Aviv University’s business school, with its impressive alumni network, further drew me in. The business school’s Sofaer international MBA program – taught entirely in English – sealed the deal. I decided to get my MBA in Israel.

Looking back, I can remember many surprises. During orientation week I was thrilled to meet my colleagues from 18 different countries around the world. We chatted in English and I needed to understand all of their different accents! Starting this week and continuing through the year, we had to work in groups. We were forced to learn from each other. Quickly we understood the value in our cultural diversity. In many ways we represented a miniature Israel: a country whose level of innovation has largely been correlated to its culture of immigration. I am now convinced that the learning in a MBA program does not only come from your lectures, but also from your colleagues.

Another great surprise to me was the diversity of professors that taught in the program. For example, Prof. Ronel Elul from the Wharton Business School taught us finance. He is also an economist in the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and shared with us his insights and latest research. Another example was Prof. Danny Warshay, a serial entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate who taught Entrepreneurship and New Ventures. This course inspired us how to start a new businesses. Such world-class teachers really pushed us to think and venture into territory that we were not familiar with. Thanks to the intimate class size of the program, we really had the opportunity to engage with our professors on a small-group and one-to-one level.


Terry meeting Israel Makov during Sofaer’s “What’s Next for the Multinational Corporation” event. Israel Makov is the Chairman of Given Imaging, Chairman of Netafim and former President and CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Of course finding a better job or a new direction in my career was my main objective when going for an MBA. Through the whole of the program we were engaged in a special course called Professional Development. This course helped us review our personal and professional strengths while leading us to better understand different business environments and the job search process. Via this course, we were exposed to many international companies, such as, 888 Holding Group, Strauss Group and BetterPlace. These visits allowed us to have direct interactions with CEOs and high level executives to see how they think and how they lead their companies. I was able to utilize this course to build my professional network and to build a new career in Israel.

I am proud to say that I have just signed on with Orbotech – a company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services automated optical inspection (AOI) systems – as a Marketing Manager. I am grateful to the Sofaer International MBA for helping me find such an opportunity and setting me off on this new professional course!