Singapore: Young and clueless about unprotected sex
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Singapore: Young and clueless about unprotected sex

A recent article by Channel NewsAsia reports that a shocking eight in 10 respondents in Singapore said they did not use any form of contraception during intercourse with a new partner. Singapore stands out as this survey result shows the highest rate of unprotected sex amongst young adults in nine of the Asia Pacific countries surveyed.


The survey conducted by Bayer Healthcare earlier this year involved 200 adults from each country.

From Channel NewsAsia,

Some 40 per cent of survey respondents said they or their partner preferred not using any, while another one in five thought they were not at risk of getting pregnant.

About one in four believed in at least one common myth on how not to get pregnant.

These include withdrawal before ejaculation, showering after sex, staying upside down for two hours, and rinsing the genital area with Coca-Cola.

The use of Coca-Cola as a contraceptive method has been around for decades, and a study in the 1980s showed that the drink did have some spermicidal qualities.

According to the survey, one in three respondents reported previously receiving wrong information about contraception.

Among respondents who admitted getting their facts wrong, more than half said the Internet was the main culprit, while many also cited friends and religious or spiritual leaders.

Respondents had been presented with a separate list of sources, including their partner, siblings and teachers.

Thirty-nine per cent cited “friends” and another 19 per cent pointed to religious/spiritual leaders as sources of erroneous information on contraception.