Prepare for your future with the Foundation Year Program!
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Prepare for your future with the Foundation Year Program!

Tural Hasanov – Baku, Azerbaijan

I decided to start my academic career as a Foundation Year student at Jacobs University before doing my bachelor’s degree. The main reason for my choice was that I did not feel on the same level of knowledge compared to undergraduate students. For instance, English is not my native language and I have never had an international form of education before the Foundation Year.

One of the key components in the Foundation Year for me was to be able to take part in university-level courses and to gain as much information as possible from which I benefit now. From the Foundation Year, I actually learned what being at a university means in terms of both academics and social life.

Jacobs is an international university and everyone on campus becomes part of the Jacobs Community. During the Foundation Year I had many training sessions that helped me to become more open minded towards the different cultures and people. In addition, living in such an intercultural and diverse environment taught me to think more globally and internationally and to put everything on a much bigger scale than before.

As I said before, English was one of my big problems when I first came to Jacobs but it was the only language being spoken by everyone. Courses, presentations, homework, lectures, classes, even the instructions of how to use the printers – everything happens in English. Quickly, I became aware of the fact that that I had to improve my English if I wanted to continue my studies at an international university. After a year of struggle with the language and, of course, with the help of my course instructors, advisors and coordinators I actually made it. I successfully accomplished the Foundation Year and am really proud of myself for achieving what I wanted.

On the whole, I advise students who have doubts in their ability to succeed in an international university not to push themselves, but to make use of the possibility of a Foundation Year at Jacobs University. You are simply better prepared for your future education by doing so. For me personally, it seems more efficient to spend one year at the university becoming familiar with the environment rather than being an unprepared student.

In summary, if you want to experience first-hand what is expected of you in your future undergraduate studies and you are looking for guidance in figuring out how to shape this future, the Foundation Year program is the best option, I can guarantee that.