Thai Tourist Police launch iPhone app… in Thai
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Thai Tourist Police launch iPhone app… in Thai

By Saksith Saiyasombut


iTourist Police Thailand app

In an effort to keep up with the times, many Thai agencies and state organizations are releasing smartphone apps. Plenty of those are handy tourist guides. Now Thailand’s Tourist Police have released a free app as well and the description sounds pretty good…

The purpose of this web site for facilitating of both local and foreign tourist police station, attraction places, restaurants, accommodations, Gas station, hospitals, etc., or when you have accident, you can inform the police immediately with 8 Sub-Division.

Prepared by the Sub-Division 5 of Tourist Police Division

There is one slight catch though – it’s entirely in Thai! Well, there are not that many tourists who can already read Thai sufficiently enough to use this app, but I’m pretty sure that the next update will be bilingual. Until then, those who want to use the app have to learn the language – there’s probably an app for that, too…!

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