Al-Qaeda, Iran, 9/11 and The Onion
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Al-Qaeda, Iran, 9/11 and The Onion

I could not believe when I read this news report (via @Omar Waraich). The report claims that an English language al-Qaeda magazine (?) is upset with Iran and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Why? Because Ahmadinejad, by claiming that 9/11 was a conspiracy, is taking credit away from al-Qaeda.

In the latest issue of the al Qaeda English-language magazine “Inspire”, an author appears to take offense to the “ridiculous” theory repeatedly spread by Ahmadinejad that the 9/11 terror attacks were actually carried out by the U.S. government in order to provide a pretext to invade the Middle East.

“The Iranian government has professed on the tongue of its president Ahmadinejad that it does not believe that al Qaeda was behind 9/11 but rather, the U.S. government,” an article reads. “So we may ask the question: why would Iran ascribe to such a ridiculous belief that stands in the face of all logic and evidence?”


“For them, al Qaeda was a competitor for the hearts and minds of the disenfranchised Muslims around the world,” the article says. “Al Qaeda… succeeded in what Iran couldn’t. Therefore it was necessary for the Iranians to discredit 9/11 and what better way to do so? Conspiracy theories.”

Iran continues to spread the conspiracy theory, al Qaeda says, because doing otherwise would expose their “lip-service jihad” against the U.S.

I could not believe this story for two reasons. One, the content is insane. Two, and more importantly, The Onion already did this. Check this clip out from 2008:

Unbelievable. You know we live in a screwed up world when The Onion starts predicting reality.

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