Tongue-Thai’ed! Part VII: Kasit’s last rant
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Tongue-Thai’ed! Part VII: Kasit’s last rant

By Saksith Saiyasombut

“Tongue-Thai’ed!” encapsulates the most baffling, amusing, confusing, outrageous and appalling quotes from Thai politicians and other public figures – in short: everything we hear that makes us go “Huh?!”. Check out all past entries here.

Outgoing Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya has been one of the most vocal, if not the nmost colorful representative of this now past government, and given his position, also the whole of Thailand. During his tenure, Kasit has surprised the public and the international community for his erratic outspokenness and apparent fixation to hunt down Thaksin. One of the most infamous flare-ups was last year, when he lashed out against half of the world and suspected a world-wide, pro-Thaksin and anti-Thailand conspiracy.

Since this is this his last day, let’s look at the most likely last public comment by Kasit – unless he threw a last-minute tantrum we haven’t heard about yet.

The government is demanding answers after Germany reportedly re-granted a visa to deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya yesterday said the German government should explain to the international community the reasons for its decision, after revoking Thaksin’s visa in 2008. (…)

Kasit slams German decision“, Bangkok Post, July 30 2011

Hold on, hold on – who’s talking about a visa here? As previously reported here (and before anybody else did), the German government has revoked the entry ban for Thaksin a few weeks ago, not a word about a visa. That is something entirely different than, say, a country inviting somebody and granting him a visa in order to be able to enter the country!

But that didn’t stop him from railing on:

Mr Kasit said the Germans were pursuing a double standard.

The German government had called on the Thai government to respect its law and justice system, after the German court seized a Thai Boeing 737 owned by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn at Munich airport.

“But in Thaksin’s criminal case, the German government cites the changing political climate here as the basis for re-granting a visa to him,” said Mr Kasit. (…)

Kasit slams German decision“, Bangkok Post, July 30 2011

Again, it’s not a visa! Kasit is referring to a statement by the German Embassy in Bangkok made last week in connection to the Walter Bau saga that has become the impounded plane saga. It is one thing when government or its embassy comments on a certain issue or case, it is another thing though if a government refuses to follow a verdict by an international tribunal and also not fully explain the pending appeal at a New York court (more details at Bangkok Pundit).

For the double standard accusation, even Thai officials disagree with him:

Attorney-General Julasing Wasantasing said it was Germany’s right to decide whether to allow Thaksin to enter the country. The Thai government could not interfere, he said.

Thaksin no longer banned from Germany, says Noppadon“, The Nation, July 30 2011

Kasit concludes his rant:

“The German government was pressured by one of its coalition parties from the southern part of [Germany],” he said. Someone wanted to give Thaksin the right to re-enter the country. “I requested a meeting with members of that [German] party, but they refused to meet me.”

Kasit slams German decision“, Bangkok Post, July 30 2011

He is right about the intense lobbying by conservative, Bavarian MPs which is undoubtedly very, very fishy and doesn’t make those MPs look good. On the other hand, given Kasit’s reputation (not only during his tenure as ambassador to Germany), it is hardly surprising why that German party had refused to him.

And now for the punchline:

Germany is obliged to answer why it appears sensitive to 15 million votes cast for a party to take power but ignores opposing votes, he said.

Thaksin no longer banned from Germany, says Noppadon“, The Nation, July 30 2011

Oh farewell, Foreign Minister Kasit – your tirades will be missed…!

Just because we will have a new government, it doesn’t mean they all suddenly stop saying stupid things. If you come across any verbosities that you think might fit in here send us an email at siamvoices [at] or tweet us @siamvoices.

Saksith Saiyasombut is a Thai blogger and journalist currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. He can be followed on Twitter @Saksith and now also on his public Facebook page here.