Thaksin on Yingluck : She is not a micromanager like me
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Thaksin on Yingluck : She is not a micromanager like me

In June, Bloomberg had an interesting article with some details about Yingluck and her close relationship with Thaksin:

He’s the one who took care of me and helped in terms of education and teaching me on the management style,” Yingluck said in a June 8 interview conducted in English at a Bangkok slum, where hundreds of supporters thronged around her. She described Thaksin as her “second father,” while adding that when it comes to leading the country, “I will be myself.”

Thaksin described Yingluck as “not my nominee but my clone,” in an interview published May 20 in the Bangkok-based Matichon newspaper. “I raised her like my eldest daughter because mom passed away when she was young,” Matichon cited him as saying, referring to Yingluck’s childhood in their northern hometown of Chiang Mai. Thaksin declined, through his aides, requests for an interview.

Yingluck said she still contacts Thaksin two or three times a week to check on how he’s doing. “We are a very close family.”

Nirmal Ghosh in the Straits Times which can be found here:

According to a small pocket book on Ms Yingluck released last week by a special news team of Thai media company World Today, when she was born her brother Thaksin Shinawatra, who is 18 years older, was already studying at the Armed Forces Academy Preparatory School.

A couple of years later, Thaksin married Pojaman Damapong, with the little girl they called ‘Pou’ (meaning ‘crab’ in Thai) running around at their wedding.

In his interview in the book, Thaksin called Ms Yingluck an ‘unexpected kid’.

At the time, the family’s fortunes were not particularly rosy. When the Shinawatra children were young, their parents once had to sell fruit in the market in Chiang Mai – an experience that has enabled Thaksin, and now Ms Yingluck, to relate to ordinary people.

Later, Thaksin took his little sister under his wing.

When mother died I had just started to do business but was not rich yet. Before mother died she called me to meet her and told me to take care of younger sisters and brothers, especially Pam (Thasanee) and Pou,’ Thaksin is quoted as saying in the pocketbook, which was clearly designed to promote Ms Yingluck and shed light on her obscure younger days.

Although she had testified in court cases over her brother’s assets, she does not make a single mention in the two definitive books on Thaksin’s rise to power – Thaksin: The Business Of Politics In Thailand, by Pasuk Pongpaichit and Chris Baker; and The Thaksinization Of Thailand, by Duncan McCargo and Ukrist Pathmanand.

Matichon Weekly, July 29-August 4, page 10 has an article entitled ‘ฟัง “ทักษิณ” นินทา “เพื่อไทย” “จุดอ่อน” แก้ไม่หาย “จุดตาย” เรื้อรัง กับ “ความห่วงใย” ถึง “ยิ่งลักษณ์”‘ which was about Thaksin talking about Yingluck’s character and weaknesses of Puea Thai gossip. On Yingluck, BP has summarized the contents below:

The person who was the happiest after the election was Thaksin because the result greatly improved his chances of coming back. Then there is a quote [unsure whether this an interview that Matichon did with Thaksin and when as it doesn’t say] from Thaksin where he says he had spoken to Yingluck previously about entering politics, but at first Yingluck refused saying that she didn’t want to and preferred to stay in business, but in the end she changed her mind.

On Yingluck, Thaksin said, she likes to set up a system and see others do it (i.e delegate) and not repeat things over and over. This is different from me where I like to do everything myself. She also gradually rose in different positions in management and learnt, which is different from me as I started as an owner.

Thaksin said as they were both close to their mother, before his mother died, she told Thaksin to look after Yingluck like his own daughter. When Yingluck was at AIS, she worked long hours, the company did very well and improved the call-center and it was much better than I expected.

Yingluck has been helped by Thaksin in business, but in politics it is not the same as Thaksin is far away. Thaksin telephoned her the day after and Yingluck said her life had completely changed so quickly and her house is completely surrounded. Thaksin told her that she will have no private life anymore.

Thaksin said that Yingluck was different in that she didn’t speak that much.

BP: This is obviously Thaksin talking up her good points, and for now there is no comprehensive book about Yingluck and BP imagines a well-researched book is still some time away. Obviously, Yingluck and Thaksin are close she will be talking with Thaksin, but BP also thinks she will be relying on Puea Thai party leader, Yongyuth, to help guide her in dealing with the bureaucracy

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