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Don’t you get upset when unable to share amount of happiness over something you “discovered”?

I do. When I find something I like, all my friends should like it instantly! Or at least try to like it. TV-shows and music are easy to share, but how to make somebody read a book? Not that I am saying people I know care not about literature, but these days it is easier to hook somebody up to Project Runway (which I adore) than to something that actually takes time to appreciate.

This is why I was so happy when I filled my first bookshelf here in Sweden. Books, my precious, my only. And also, my heavy! Seriously, that stuff weighs a ton. This is a reason why I decided to postpone buying books till I return home or know for sure that I’ll stay in Sweden longer than two years. But once you are in love with reading, there is no turning back.

Luckily for me and all of us book lovers, Gothenburg has an awesome library service!

I’ve been writing these info pamflets for new students at Chalmers and came across some interesting information.

  • Did you know that library network has one main and 24 branch libraries for the different city districts, as well as two mobile libraries which drive to the city districts? 
  • Or that they have more than a million visitors a year? 
  • Also, everything you need can be done online and you just have to show up and pick your book.

For example, I’ve searched for a title, found out that it is stored at Frölunda’s library, said that I want it and that closest library to my place is the Stadsbiblioteket (main one). They will inform me when the book is moved from one place to another and when I can pick it up. Once in the library, I just search for my name in the shelves, together with the ordered title. Taking and returning of the books is computerized, so usually there is no queue.

And all this is for FREE! At least if you are a student, I am not sure for the rest of population. I also like the card you get, all blue with childlike drawings. So cute!

So, among first thing you do when you get here – check in to the library. Maybe you can do it at any branch, but if not, the main one is at Götaplatsen, at the end of Avenyn.

And then you can borrow this out, I find the writer amazing: