Obama-esque slogans for Singapore presidential candidates
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Obama-esque slogans for Singapore presidential candidates

There is a new kind of hope brewing in Singapore. A Singaporean change that you can believe in.

As the four new presidential candidates rolled out their campaigns earlier on this week – with bright colors and catchy slogans – the campaigns’ uncanny resemblance to President Obama’s campaign in 2008 stands out.

Although campaign slogans vary from candidate to candidate, the rousing (or lack thereof) oratories are filled with lofty ideals supported by the vague campaign slogans. The slogan that bears the closest resemblance to an Obama-esque campaign belongs to that of candidate Dr. Tony Tan.


By using the word “future” Dr. Tan appears to imply hope for what lies ahead, and to suggest the possibility of a change. “Confidence” is used to gently hint that he’s the one who will bring about this hope and change. His crafty use of YouTube videos and countdown timer shows that he seems to be taking a leaf out of the Obama book – through the viral use of social media to prop up his image.

As for the other three candidates, their campaign slogans do not seem too political to me.

Tan Kin Lian’s campaign slogan resembles that of an online newspaper, giving a voice to citizen journalism. Tan Jee Say appears to be following the same path.

Screen-shot-2011-08-19-at-PM-09.09.24-621x328  Screen-shot-2011-08-19-at-PM-09.13.24-621x341

Notice the “Take Action Now” bar which looks similar, though not entirely identical, to Obama’s 2008 campaign website, where the bar to donate was strategically placed on the right. The right bar for both websites represents the call to take action.


Compared to Tan Kin Lian and Tan Jee Say’s campaign slogans, Tan Cheng Bock’s slogan has a pious, Buddhist-like feel to it, save for the following phrase, “Think Singaporeans first.”


All four candidates work hard at convincing voters, with some having an interestingly apolitical choice of slogans while others replicate what has worked before.