Mount Sabrina: A touch of class
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Mount Sabrina: A touch of class


Mount Sabrina rises atop a hill

Fancy yourself atop a hill on a clear night with the view of the city skyline to your left and gleaming Sarangani Bay to your right on a moonlit night.

Behind you is a silhouette of the hill right after a prairie kissed by the moonlight.

On your table, a vintage Belle Epoque champagne and a lighted scented candle.

Time for romance in some faraway Mediterranean island?


Intimate dinner with the city's skyline as romantic backdrop

But why waste your precious forex savings when just at the outskirts of the city, there is a secret hideaway like no other in this port city known as General Santos?


Nestled atop a Tambler hill is Mount Sabrina, a posh resort restaurant now doing business but is still a work in progress.

Owned by tuna trader Soledad ‘Sol’ Mananquil, Mount Sabrina is a five-hectare resort in the making with a pavilion at the edge of an elongated hill that can accommodate 300 persons in dinner table settings.

At any time of the day, the pavilion stands out and cannot be missed by passing motorist along the highway.  When lighted at night, it becomes a recognizable and inescapable landscape.

The view from the pavilion and fences that surrounded it is simply breathtaking.  It is a sin for the hopelessly romantic to miss this place.


All-time Filipino favorite kare-kare (ox tail stewed in peanut butter with sauteed shrimp paste sidings)


The afternoon drizzle gives the bay a hazy view. But on a clear night, Sarangani Bay will glisten from the reflection of the moonlight.

Three garden weddings have already been booked for September and October even as glazed tiles are still being laid on the pavilion flooring.

Also perfect for cotillion dance for lasses making their debuts.

Sol says when fully operational, the resort and restaurant will have a swimming pool, posh cottages and function rooms.

Mount Sabrina is obviously better savored and experienced than described, indeed.

Aside from her brisk tuna export business, Sol also does catering on the side and a son took a course in culinary arts in Australia to prepare for her life-long passion to become a full time restaurateur.


Spicy tuna tendons


Fresh succulent tuna kinilaw

For now, Mount Sabrina’s exotic menu includes the sizzling spicy hot tuna tendons.  One can even place a special order of tuna drumsticks.  For the uninitiated, it is better they discover these Gensan tuna delicatessens for them selves.   Of course, nobody wants to miss the tuna kinilaw and the sashimi.

The place is a mere 20 minute ride west of the city.  Reservation ahead is best for special menu and arrangement.   The resort can be reached through mobile phone numbers 0923-72333070 and 0949-8674725.  Landline is (083) 3045341.(FOTOS BY COCOY SEXCION)