Mongolian stabs Chinese over banmal
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Mongolian stabs Chinese over banmal

I’ve heard of Koreans committing murder over the use of banmal language, but two foreigners?

Original article in Korean is at this link.

The Dangjin Police Station in Chungcheongnam-do announced on August 22 that it is investigating after arresting 34-year-old Mr. K, an illegal immigrant from Mongolia, on charges of attempting to murder a Chinese co-worker.

Mr. K is accused of injuring his 19-year-old Chinese co-worker Mr. H with a deadly weapon at approximately 4.30pm on August 21 in Sunseong-dong.

Investigators found that Mr. K, who arrived in Korea in 2005, is currently an illegal immigrant and committed the crime one week after taking the job.

Mr. K told police that “I became really angry after H, who is extremely young, sometimes spoke to me in banmal.”

An official with the company said that “Mr. H could not speak Korean well.”

Police plan to seek an arrest warrant for Mr. K.