Illegal casino busted in Gangnam
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Illegal casino busted in Gangnam

Original article in Korean is at this link.

On the 18th, the Gwangyeok department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested 40-year-old Ms Jeong on charges of operating a brothel inside a casino, and also arrested without detaining 15 other people including 40-year-old Mr Kim.

According to the police, from December of 2009 through April of last year, the group rented an expensive apartment in Gangnam and set up a casino, allowing bets totalling ten billion won and taking in over one billion won in profit.

Investigators determined that eight of them are members of the gangs Xhinyang Travel (신양관광파) and International PJ (국제PJ파) and brought high-rollers from Macao and elsewhere, lending them money and earning commissions by introducing them to the madam and other wealthy gamblers.

Mr Kim and one other of the group assaulted 32-year-old Mr Lee at a golf range in Gangnam and set fire to his car over an unpaid debt from Macao of 150 million won.

When debts were not paid, they would hire a notary public and use the courts to place liens on their property as if they were normal debts, and the creditors would receive chips instead of money to repay the debt, police said.

Police further said: “When they received the gambling money in Macao, they apparently used a secret bank account and we are investigating that.”

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