Foreigner sexually assaulted in Hahoe Folk Village
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Foreigner sexually assaulted in Hahoe Folk Village

Original article in Korean is at this link.

In an unprecedented incident with undertones of worry over becoming a foreign relations problem, a female foreigner was sexually assaulted at the Haehoe Folk Village, a United Nations World Heritage Site, in Andong.

According to police, prosecutors, and the Folk Village on the 12th, at the end of last month, 65-year-old Mr A, owner of a small inn within the Folk Village, is believed to have sexually assaulted a Taiwanese woman in her 30s.

Police believe Mr A will soon be under their jurisdication as prosecutors have applied for an arrest warrant.

Mr A is accused of pushing down the Taiwanese woman and groping her chest inside the inn at the end of last month, and has already taken a lie detector test.

The Taiwanese woman in question wrote about the incident in detail on her blog and numerous Taiwanese netizens poured out harsh comments about Korea, leading the Taiwanese mission in Korea to request a harsh punishment from Korean authorities and the possibility of a serious foreign relations incident.

However, authorities including the police and security at the Folk Village, are being criticized for increasing suspicions by consistently keeping quiet about any related incidents.

In other news of crime and foreigners, there’s apparently been a minor scandal over Korean-American gang members getting work in hagwons.