Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL)
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Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL)

If you are looking for a career in hospitality, a qualification from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) can boost your success in the field. The world’s first hospitality management school, EHL was founded in 1893.  Since then, the school has never ceased to grow and innovate, marking its place in the field of hospitality management as an educator and research institute of repute.

This hospitality educator is reputed for its international programmes in hotel education, ranging from hospitality and tourism management to hospitality administration. The institute offers bachelors, masters and diploma programmes.

EHL works in partnership with both the Swiss and the international hospitality industry. The Institute has been accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the United States, and Europe’s Bologna Process. It is also Switzerland’s only institute in the field that offers HES-SO (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale, also known as University of Applied Sciences) programmes recognised by the Swiss government. EHL is recognised as the world’s first management college that acquired both NEASC and HES accreditations.

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in the world and is reaching out to several new business areas. In response to these rapid changes, EHL continually evaluates and updates its programmes to correspond to new industry needs. It is this proactive nature along with quality of teaching that sets EHL apart in the industry as the best hotel school in the world.


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The institute brings together a large number of nationalities with 89 countries represented, and programmes are taught in two languages.

EHL aspires to train each student in not just text and method but also help them absorb the philosophy of learning. The institute delivers a careful balance of art and science, rigour and creativity, knowledge and imagination. Students at EHL are prepared for a career in hospitality as future leaders of the industry.

With a mission towards this leadership, EHL has carefully designed curricula to instill teamwork and critical evaluation in each student. This ensures that when they embark on their careers they have a trained eye to make the right decisions in the fiercely competitive industry. The institute is also well known for its ability to effortlessly combine theory and practice with a distinctive edge. The unique programmes and innovative teaching methods work fluidly as EHL was founded by the industry, for the industry.

All EHL programmes are renowned for their ability to interweave two different yet complimentary skills – the science and the art of hospitality management – to create a truly unique educational experience. This includes being grounded in the business skills and financial knowledge required for effective hospitality and tourism management, and the practical and professional skills which form the foundation of this illustrious Swiss institute.

A brief compilation of the programmes available at the Institute can be found below:

BSc in International Hospitality Management: This new programme is innovative in nature and was developed in response to the increasing complexity and diversity of the hospitality industry. The curriculum has been built around the concept of integration, a pillar of the education offered at EHL. This latest programme is part of the institute’s commitment towards developing leadership amongst its students. This is achieved by placing students in real situations where they can nurture their individual style of leadership.

Master in Hospitality Administration: This 13-month master’s degree from the world’s leading hospitality school is aimed towards students who are looking to switch careers or those looking to enhance or redirect their skills within the hospitality industry to further their success. Although this is a demanding programme, it equips students with a mix of competencies that will prove vital in their careers. The programme is geared towards identifying the specific skills of each individual and in profiling them for the best possible jobs.

EHL also provides a 2-year Hotel Management diploma that corresponds to UK hospitality qualifications and has an intensive hands-on approach to attract and educate the best minds. Executive programmes are also available for middle and senior executives within the industry – these include learning in Family Business in Hospitality (FBH) and a Corporate Management Programme, among others.

Lausanne Hospitality Research (LHR) is Switzerland’s only university-level hospitality research centre. The centre analyses and monitors trends and blends existing knowledge to create new knowledge. Working towards creating a knowledge community, LHR brings together its students, the wider EHL community and the hospitality industry.

EHL’s applied research is focused on three key areas:

–          Human behaviour in the hospitality industry

–          New technologies in hospitality marketing

–          Strategic-financial decision making process and its implementation

Admission to this institute is based on an intensive selection for the best and brightest minds who can lead the way in the hospitality industry.

Support at EHL
The EHL Career Centre works continuously to help students secure internship placements, as well as assistance in finding jobs. It provides individual support for all students, who have access to a ‘career passport’ during the duration of their programme. This is used to record development in workshops and activities.

The institute’s admissions team organise several information sessions across the world to ensure a smooth transition for all students. More details regarding EHL and its programmes can be accessed via their brochures.


Pic: EHL

The Alumni Network
The EHL Alumni Network connects over 25,000 former students located in 120 countries, tapping into the very heart of the hospitality industry for the benefit of its current students. A lifelong learning community and support network ties in the EHL community on a global level, so that students who have graduated can continue to keep in touch and help current students as they take their first steps in the industry.

Life at EHL
EHL is home to students from across the world, representing 89 nationalities. The Top 10 reasons to study at EHL include advantages in career and internship prospects, internationally recognised degrees, experience of engaging in a melting pot of cultures, and the access to industry leaders in the faculty.

Student at EHL, Regina Lai from Hong Kong, says: “From the moment I was admitted, I knew that I would have a lot to contribute to EHL. I’ve been a member of the Student Council Committee for the last two semesters and my main role is events coordination.

“I also organized the EHL Culinary Challenge and the Fête Universelle. I learnt a lot from these two events, and was able to improve my leadership talents – especially in my diverse committee for the Fête Universelle, which was a team of 17 made up of students from more than eight countries.”

Living in Switzerland
Switzerland’s pleasant climate and friendly population are an instant draw for students looking to study abroad and participate in an international experience. Lausanne, the second-largest city on Lake Geneva, is a pulsating destination of commerce and lifestyle. A popular holiday resort, the region is also home to a thriving student community led by EHL. Its scenic views combined with the importance that culture and sport enjoy in this Olympic capital attract students from a wide range of backgrounds.

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