Where are you?
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Where are you?

Hello from sunny Switzerland!

Well, we are 3 weeks into our summer programme and things have been going brilliantly. We have already welcomed students from 17 different countries around the world. On our programmes at the moment we have students from the USA, Japan, Russia, UK, India, Armenia, Greece, Kazakstan, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Cyprus Venezuala, UAE, Ukraine, France and of course Switzerland!

This Wednesday I took a group of students to Europaparc in Germany for the day and we had a fantastic trip.


I took our first ever trip to Europaparc back in 1998 but had not been back in about 10 years so I was looking forward to seeing the changes. The most impressive thing was the new rides – Silver Star and Blue Fire – huge rollercoasters which were amazing. Once the meeting place and times were arranged each member of staff took a group of students and headed off. Each time we met up the students were gushing about the rides they had taken before setting off to try some more.

Although the park was busy the queues were short as there are so many rides and everyone is spread out throughout the park.

After over six hours of rides we were ready to leave, stopping halfway to have a McDonalds, before heading back to the Centre. We arrived back at 21.30 tired but elated. We thanked the students for their excellent behaviour throughout the day, which really made our job very easy in a busy environment.

After relating their experiences to the other students, who had opted for visiting the labyrinth, zoo and rock swimming pool, everyone headed off to bed tired but happy.