We care about our customers
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We care about our customers


Hej alla,

As promised – pictures from Floby. But before that, I have to write about something that blew me away.

Now, I know all of us here wrote about Swedish hospitality and how helpful they are or how much they value opinions of individuals (giving a feedback, sending an email about your experience and so on).

This is a short story of a delayed train. I am sure you are all familiar with it: train being late or train that has to stop in the middle of nowhere because something happened further on the tracks and it can’t get through. So there we were, in a train wagon for animals (4 dogs barking and 1 cat that pretends to be sleeping), somewhere in Alingsås, waiting for the train to start moving again. But it doesn’t. What’s happening, as we were explained – and I am thrilled to say my Swedish was enough to understand the information given to passengers – is that we are waiting for traffic control center to give us more information, but the train will probably stay in Alingsås for two more hours!

Since there wasn’t much to do, Alice and me decided to turn on the laptop and watch True Blood during the waiting period. First time I travelled in Sweden I didn’t know that busses and trains come with power outlets, so I didn’t bring any electrical device to shorten the ride. Now, I bring at least my iphone charger to watch shows or browse through internet (or write meaningful blogs). Anyhow, while we made ourselves comfortable, another announcement was made: Västtrafik arranged busses for everybody in the train, to get back home faster! I couldn’t believe! If I was in my country, we would stay in that train whole night if necessary (without internet or any power source). And here I am, going back home with another transportation that I didn’t have to search for or pay, plus there will be a refund on the ticket since my ride wasn’t comfortable enough. Amazing…

I guess Swedes really do care about their customers.


 Packed for the weekend + Pippin the cat


 Our lovely temporary home, from afar and from close 




Waiting for the hamburgers, blue book of Swedish language and computer addiction (we needed to play language lessons on something)



Our running track, just 5 minutes from the house. I left my heart and soul there, it’s been more than 10 years since I ran last time. But it feels so good, especially in nature.


Pippin and I love to climb



Floby is a town. Small town. But super-cute



And, for the end of this blog – a picture made without flash around 22:30. 

Night falls very late during these months and in the countryside it was never completely  dark. 


Hope you are preparing for arrival!

See you soon,