Three reports of sex crimes at Korean schools
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Three reports of sex crimes at Korean schools

There’s been a definite uptick in ‘bad behavior at school’ articles in the last week or two. Two about teachers went up today. Original Korean version of the first article is at this link.

The city office of education is investigating after receiving a complaint that a teacher at an elementary school in Incheon has repeatedly molested a second-grade student.

The parents, who registered the complaint, are refusing to send their children to school and forcefully demanding that the teacher be transferred.

According to the Incheon Office of Education, on the 15th over ten parents of second-grade students at elementary school A in Incheon sent a letter to the principal in which they said that “this teacher touches our children’s bottoms and molests them in other ways” and demanded that the teacher be transferred.

They further said that “the teacher repeatedly touches their buttocks and molests them in other ways during reading time.”

Also, they demanded the teacher be transferred and punished and that they be given complete information regarding that.

The parents have refused to send their children to school and 28 of the 29 students in the class were not sent to school that day.

An official with the city office of education said: “The parents believe that the teacher has repeatedly touched their children’s bottoms during classes, and the children, feeling upset, told this to their parents… we are currently investigating.”

An official at the school explained: “This morning over ten parents came to the school and demanded that the teacher be transferred and punished… the teacher has apologized to the parents for causing controversy.”

The official added that “if the students feel ashamed then this is a problem, and the parents’ demands will be closely examined.”

Original Korean version of the second report is at this link.


At a well-known private university in a province, rumors are circulating that a female student was sexually assaulted by a professor.

The injured student attempted suicide by poison, unable to deal with the trauma.

Heo Seong-jun reports.


This is Yeungnam University in Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Prof. A, who teaches fashion studies, is suspected of sexually assaulting a female graduate student in one of his classes.

The accusation is that in April, while on a school-related overseas trip, he followed the student, forced her to drink with him, and then attempted to sexually assault her.

[Interview:Friend of the injured student]

“There are so many times when professors make you drink with them. Even if you don’t want to then they force you, and afterwards it feels like something shameful that happened in Turkey.”

The injured student attempted suicide, unable to deal with the psychological trauma.

But the professor completely denies having committed any crime.

Similar incidents have occurred in other schools within the same university.

At the end of last month Prof. B, who teaches music, called a student to a research room and molested her by groping her entire body.

[Interview:Friend of the injured student]

“In a lesson you have to be touched a little, but to be touched like that…”

The situation is serious but the school has done nothing.

Students that have been harmed have been making individual reports to the school for the past two and half months, but the school has still not taken any action to punish a professor.

[Interview:University official]

“Punishment will be decided by a punishment committee. In these instances, the punishments will not be light.”

The university plans a thorough investigation and serious punishments, but students have been gravely harmed.

Also today, there was an allegation of a group sexual assault committed against a girl in a school bathroom by three of her schoolmates. The attack allegedly occurred while students were studying at school after hours. Apparently, they were required to be there with little supervision, because the practice comes under criticism in the article.