Scavenger Hunt
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Scavenger Hunt


How to begin?


First of all, tomorrow I am taking two Russian tourists (couch-surfers that are staying at my friends place) to see the city – new fresh pictures of Gothenburg coming up.

Second, I really want to write about the clothes and fashion. In terms of: what to bring from home country, what to buy here, where to buy it and so on… I can even go crazy about it and explain some of the most common way to dress as a Swede, but it will take some time. So I guess I’ll make it a weekend project.

Third, the reason behind today’s post – scavenger hunt for objects that other people don’t need anymore. For months now I want two things in my (shared) kitchen: a microwave and a blender. One of my roommates brought a microwave for all of us to use, so there was nothing to do about it. And today I got a blender. You may ask how…


When you get to Sweden, there are basically two options: either you have a furnished flat or you don’t. In first case all you have to worry about is buying a new pillow and a cover (for my taste SGS cover is two thin and pillow too bad to sleep on). You can do it at JYSK or IKEA. Probably a few other places, but these are the most common and cheapest. In second case, since IKEA is available (we don’t have it in Serbia) + it is a Swedish brand – go for it! Almost anything you want can be found in their stores and it is cheap. They have a nice online catalog where you can browse for stuff even before coming to Gothenburg.


Other option is a hunt for stuff left by other students. Or directly ask if somebody has extra stuff that wants to get rid of. Oh yes, at the end of semester you will be buried by your friends “junk” since half of them will go home. Just not to forget that.


Sometimes students know the next person who will rent the flat, so they leave everything for them. There is a case of _country_ flats where each semester lives a _country_ person. They all leave useful things to each other. But if you aren’t in that situation, you can always search in common rooms for bulky waste. Every building (or a group of buildings) has one and people leave stuff there when they want to throw them or if they don’t need them anymore. For example, TV I had in my first flat ended up in a place like this because I was too lazy to bring it with me to Olofs. A big screen TV that works just fine, hopefully somebody retrieved it.


Other stuff you can find: fridges, sofas, chairs and bed frames, tables, lamps… One friend swears to me that he found a laptop. A working laptop! Still, I wouldn’t go overexcited by it, because it is extremely rare. Ending of a semester or beginning of the new one is the best times to search for this stuff.


So, how did I end up with a working blender? A friend made me go with him in search for it. And I did find one, in the first bulk room, right next to the door. It will of course need a lot of boiling water and cleaning (it looks clean, but still…).



Point of this rambling – I am not really sure. I guess it’s because I am really happy over this blender thing and to let you know that not everything has to be bought and that sometimes you should wait a little bit as well.


Till the weekend,