Roadside bomb kills 2 in Thailand’s Deep South
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Roadside bomb kills 2 in Thailand’s Deep South

UPDATE: Someone from AP points out that MSNBC have ran an AP story from Friday, June 24 and confused the Reuters pictures with bombs that went off on Friday, July 1  (i.e the AP story for June 24 is here)


Three hidden roadside bombs have killed two people and wounded 13 others in southern Thailand, and police believe Islamist militants are responsible.

Police Col. Nitinai Langyanay said the first bomb in Narathiwat province killed two irrigation workers Friday and wounded five others, while a second one about 1 kilometer (one-half mile) away wounded a soldier.

Bomb removal officers then tried to defuse a third bomb only three meters (yards) away from the second one but it exploded, wounding seven policemen. It is a standard practice of the insurgents to plant a second bomb to go off when security officials arrive to investigate an explosion.

BP: Click on the link above to see three photos with one photo just before the bomb went off and the other two as the bomb was going off. Luckily, the bomb removal officer was not using a GT200 device and was fully decked out in bomb disposal suit – see more photos here. From video that BP saw, the officer was up on his feet very quickly.

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