Nielsen: SG, MY, PH have highest internet penetration in region
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Nielsen: SG, MY, PH have highest internet penetration in region

The Philippines, which a few weeks ago got dubbed as the world’s social networking capital, is getting hooked even more on social media, according to market research firm Nielsen.

Nielsen today made a pre-release of a Southeast Asia-wide report which provided fresh stats on internet use among Filipinos and its neighbors in Southeast Asia.

According to Nielsen, Singapore has the highest internet penetration rate of 67 percent, followed by Malaysia (38 percent), Philippines (33 percent), Thailand (31 percent) and Indonesia (21 percent).


Nielsen: Singapore leads Southeast Asia in term of internet penetration rates.

The region, which many consider a bright spot on the global social media landscape, continues to register spikes in internet and social media use, although access has largely been confined among an influential, educated minority. We can only hope that access expands by leaps and bounds across the region.

Singapore may attain full or 100 percent internet penetration in the next few years, considering its small size compared with regional neighbors and, more importantly, the pursuit of an internet access plan by the Singaporean government.

Read more about the Nielsen pre-release here.

Nielsen said that the full report will be released on Sept. 30.