Most-read articles of the week — July 24, 2011
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Most-read articles of the week — July 24, 2011

Top 10 in society:

1. A Chosun Ilbo examination of sex among university students.

2. A profile of a high school student who received new organs from three donors.

3. A 10-year old child got trapped inside a crane game after somehow climbing inside to get at the prizes.

4. Two stories of government agency managers sexually assaulting female employees.

5. A security camera captured a completely avoidable car acccident on the highway between Busan and Suncheon.

6. The saga of the three Korea University medical students accused of sexually molesting a passed-out classmate finally wound up in court. Two admitted guilt, claiming to be very remorseful, and one pleaded not guilty.

7. The scare over the possible collapse of Technomart was blamed on shaking caused by an aerobics class.

8. A 13-year-old boy in Gwangju died after a beating administered by a man with permission from his mother, who wanted him to “have more discipline” because he supposedly often ran away from home to find something to eat. After striking the boy over thirty times with rods, he begged them to stop and they proceeded to kick and punch him, inflicting wounds from which he would die in the emergency room nine hours later.

9. A woman successfully sued her husband and his mistress, who worked in the brothel he owned, for 13 million won.

10. An article about the various ways you can be ripped off at the dentist.

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