In the meantime…
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In the meantime…

While I am trying explore some more about shopping in Göteborg (and don’t spend all the money I have during the research), here are pictures from one year ago, when I first came here.

Just for the record, I have more than 3000 pictures taken during these 11 months and I still couldn’t find the ones I wanted. So these will have to do.

And also, feel free to ask me about anything you want, if I can help with my advice – I will. Couple of students who contacted me gave excellent ideas about topics for the blog, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

First, my phadder group. We were all so lost those couple of days in the beginning.


Pictures from the trip to Archipelago… This year’s CIRC will organize the same event.



I had to test the water! It was quite warm given the fact it was September.


Universeum… Unfortunately I forgot my camera and had to take pics with phone. Hence, only one photo I like.


Paddan boat tour – Göteborg from the canal. You should definitely do it during first days.




And we got these awesome umbrellas as a reward on test “how much you know about Göteborg”.


This is how they do it now – with a bus (and also a paddan). As you may notice, raining seems a theme when it comes to sightseeing in Göteborg. 002

My first visit to IKEA! We don’t have it back home, you can only imagine how happy I was. This is the only normal image, rest of it is just me jumping all over the place.


View from my first flat. To your right is the Frölunda train stop, as I mentioned couple a blogs ago. These buildings are now completed and they look wonderful.


Visit to Stadsmuseet, again no camera.


And last but not least, photo from Alingsås. A small commune outside the city, where they organize wonderful light events during autumn.


Ok, so let me know what YOU are interested to read about.

Till the shopping blog, good luck with packing