First few days : Some do’s and dont’s
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First few days : Some do’s and dont’s

Hej ! Hej !

How you been guys? I hope you all enjoyed these summer days as much as i did J. That is the reason I am writing to you after a long time.

It is July and your arrival date is getting close so I would like to take you through things you might need to do in your first few days after arrival.

Now first things first, accommodation. If you have already sorted out with the apartment you are the lucky ones. So for you apart from other activities you can invest some time in getting to know the place you live. Like the facilities available, your neighbor students, common rooms, bulk storage rooms (where you can surely find something of your use and earlier is better J ), nearby grocery stores, bus stops. You can just move around to explore the neighborhood.

If you are still searching for apartments don’t get disheartened. A nice place must be waiting for you. Just keep your eyes and ears open while looking around for apartments. Ask questions; get yourself clarified before finalizing anything. Stay away from fakes. (Which I never witnessed, but some of my friends did). Look for Sista minute i.e. last moment apartments. There will be some first come first serve basis apartments for new students. The most important thing is networking. Ask your fellow students if they know anything or anyone needs a flat-mate. Because sometimes people do get bigger apartments than they can afford so as I said just keep your eyes and ears open.

As per my knowledge the welcome day is on 23rd. Please not try to miss it. You will get to meet your fellow students, participate in CIRC activities and really have some funJ. It’s just a start and I am sure like last year CIRC must have lined up lots of activities for you. Those will make your initial stay much more interesting and rewarding in the form of some really good friendsJ. Personally I am really sorry about the fact that I couldn’t be there to meet you guys on 23rd. I really wanted to be a fadder this year but I am arriving back on 24th so I couldn’t make it L.

For people who are getting unfurnished apartments advice: First search bulk refusal room of your building. Lots of students leave there stuff behind which is most of a time in very good condition. You can find almost anything, Lights, tables, chairs, beds, mattresses or any other furniture item. Just one caution, if you are taking something with cloth lining or stuff like mattress or armchairs and stuff do look out for bedbugs. That’s a menace in student apartments and people might have unknowingly ( or knowingly, there are some idiots ) thrown away affected stuff. So just be sure before taking anything inside your room. For buying rest of the stuff the best place is IKEA. That is the cheapest place to buy quality furniture. They can even deliver to your place. If you can find some students living in same building and go together for furniture shopping you can socialize, have fun and at the same time save on delivery charges by delivering all your stuff together by sharing the delivery charges.

Another important thing is to register with tax office “skatteverket.” For getting a swedish person nummer which is a necessary thing for all the people. You will need it for any official purposes like opening and bank account. There is one office near Lilla Boman tram station in the city center.



Look for above symbol. It is near the famous Goteborg giant wheel so kind of easy to locate. Just go with your passport, you need to fill up one form, they will scan your passport and will send the person nummer to address you have given in a fortnight or something. So if you don’t have permanent address just gives friends address so that you will get that mail without fail.

Oh yes about the phone connection. Last year we got a phone sim in the welcome kit from Chalmers. You might get it too. But you can even get it outside in any 7-11 or pressbryan store, that’s not a big deal.

I guess I have written pretty much stuff here. So now I take off. If you need any other help or information just ask.

See ya J