Final vote count: Election 2011, Bangkok
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Final vote count: Election 2011, Bangkok

The Election Commission has the below information, which BP has put into chart form, for the party-list vote for Bangkok for the July 3, 2011 election:


NOTE: This excludes spoilt ballots and no votes

BP: This is how close it is in Bangkok.

For the constituency vote, only for Puea Thai and the Democrats (who placed 1st and 2nd in each constituency):


BP: So while in the end the Democrats won 23 seats vs 10 for Puea Thai, the margin of victory in many seats was quite narrow. 9 seats were won by less than 3,000 votes and another 12 seats by between 3,001-6,000 votes. The Democrats won 15 of the 23 seats by less than 6,000 votes; Puea Thai won six out of 10 seats by less than 6,000 votes.

When looking at all 33 constituencies as a whole, by BP’s calculations, the Democrats won 48% out of the constituency votes cast for political parties (i.e. excluding no and spoilt ballots) to Puea Thai’s 44%. This compares to the 2007 general election where the Democrats won 49% of the constituency votes cast for political parties compared to 40% for PPP (Puea Thai’s predecessor).  Bangkok is very much up for grabs and the results were very close – hence this is part of the reasons along with inaccurate sampling for the poor exit polls for Bangkok..

NOTE: BP is aware that on the EC website linked to above that it does refer to “unofficial results” but if you look at each constituency winner and you compare their vote total with the official results (PDF), you will see the same number so logically speaking they are the same.

btw, this post is not because of some breaking news event, but BP is just putting up posts once the EC puts out the data in order to let to refer to when analyzing exit poll data and election polls released prior to the election. Fortunately, the EC have the data from Bangkok in an easy to copy-and-paste form as opposed to all other provinces with PDFs now so hence this post on Bangkok. A couple of other posts will follow in subsequent weeks once data is available…..

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