Exploring ‘Walls Between Peoples’ in Month of Photography Asia, Singapore
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Exploring ‘Walls Between Peoples’ in Month of Photography Asia, Singapore

Established to promote art and photography in Singapore and Southeast Asia, the annual Month of Photography Asia in Singapore features various installations by Singaporean and foreign artists to celebrate and honor photography as an art and as a creative industry.


This year, the theme, “Memory,” focuses on the relationship between photography and memory. Central to how events are recounted is the notion of subjectivity that is captured through images.


Bethlehem checkpoint, 2007 © Novosseloff & Neisse

One compelling photography installation is “Walls Between Peoples,” which explores the man made divides that are erected to physically and mentally separate people. In the pictures, these walls are made of concrete, wood and barbed wires. Yet, they seem to tell a similar story about the places where they are erected: politically tumultuous regions with tense relations with the rest of the world.


Jerusalem Ghetto, 2006 © Novosseloff & Neisse

Such physical separation also serves a more profound function, to further the purpose of “othering.” The process slowly encourages and influences people to see themselves as different, and perhaps superior, to the people on the other side. Equally touching is the tearing down of these walls, and the efforts taken to reconcile differences and reunite.

The images present complex situations in a changing, global world.

For more information on the exhibition, visit www.mopasia.com.sg