Can Mike Stuchbery apologise properly?
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Can Mike Stuchbery apologise properly?

For the Left in this country, it appears the sickening killings in Norway could only mean one thing – another chance to pile on to conservative commentator, Andrew Bolt.

The cause of the outrage this time round was Bolt’s early coverage of the attacks which, like most early reporting, suggested that terrorists, rather than a lone nutter, may have been responsible.

Considering the attacks we have seen in London, Madrid, Moscow, Glasgow, Beslan – and the arrest of Islamic terrorists in Norway only a few weeks ago – this did not seem to be a far-fetched assumption to make – but it was also largely fuelled by an errant report in the New York Times.

Notably, as soon as the new information came to hand, Bolt corrected the record.

This did not stop a number of commentators showing the symptoms of Bolt Derangement Syndrome, the kind we saw late last year when Bolt was vilified for pointing out that government policy was largely responsible for drownings off Christmas Island. This is now, by the way, an argument used by the government itself to justify the introduction of the Malaysian solution.

Leading the pack against Bolt this time was high school teacher and favourite of the compulsory-pay ABC website The Drum, Mike Stuchbery. Take these charming tweets of his, for example:

Andrew Bolt is on the same sick level as Oslo’s madman, feeding the fears and hatred of people like him.

I’m not buying that, not today. The sick little toad needs to be called to account for the muck he spreads.

After some fellow twitterers call him to heel, Stuchbery finally makes a less than full apology:

Sorry folks, I teach teenagers who are becoming politically active. In the wake of senseless violence, I lash out. Once again, apologies.

Now it seems that Stuchbery seems to think that because he teaches teenagers, it’s okay for him to behave like one. Does he also covertly stick his used chewing gum under the table or spend most of his free time playing handball? I would have thought that teaching teenagers is precisely the sort of thing that would rule this kind of behaviour out.

Now if Stuchbery wants to behave like any kind of grown-up role model for his students, he would not give these vague apologies to the world at large, but write a note directly to Andrew Bolt and apologise. So far, like a guilty teenager, it sounds like he is only sorry that he has been caught out. It is not, after all, “folks” that he needs to apologise to, but he needs to man-up and apologise to one individual. Personally, I will not be holding my breath…

Meanwhile, Stuchbery’s tweets were just the first of a load of bile being now directed at Andrew Bolt .

It’s interesting, by the way, to note that while Andrew Bolt corrected his errors as soon as the facts became known, Stuchbery has never corrected the loopy group-think he published about the non-existent link between Sarah Palin and the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.

I guess this is just more proof that being of the Left means never having to (properly) say that you’re sorry.

UPDATE: Mike has apologised…