Afterwork or something like that
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Afterwork or something like that

Yesterday was Friday. Lovely thing about it is that you are done with work till next week. And Swedish people, social as they are, decided that finishing with work is good enough reason to make a small celebration – every Friday. 

Afterwork as the name says is what you do after work (only on Fridays (I feel like I am in Rebecca Black’s song)). It’s a special threat for being good all week, I guess. Almost every restaurant, pub and bar (sometimes even a club) opens up its doors from 16 or 17 till sometimes around 19, depending how much food they have and how hungry guests are. Because on this day (FRIDAY :D), for the price of one beer, cider or wine glass (it has to be alcohol) you get a free buffet and all you can eat service. It is, by far, the cheapest way to eat good food here! And after some time you will know what place is better or what they regularly serve.

I guess concept isn’t Swedish, but since I first encountered with it here, for me it will always be a Swedish thing.

But there is one small detail about it. Since it is supposed to happen after work, they don’t hold afterwork during holidays and vacations. About first I knew, about latter I found out yesterday. So, after 15 or so minutes of searching for afterwork, my friends and I decided that it is in vain and opt out for dessert instead. As you can see:prvi-gif

And we ate it in a lovely kök&pub on Linnegatan, while the rain was pouring down. It is, after all, Swedish summer, and weather changes all the time. Yesterday it was raining and I had jeans, today we are heading to a beach for some time in the sun. It is never too cold and you can dress in almost anything, as long as it suits you.


Alice in a classic summer clothes – athletic shirt, deep cut pants and ballerinas. And me, wearing “warmer” clothes such as jeans and a light sweater.


And in the end, it doesn’t really matter what you wish to wear, because every place has a blanket for you to use while sitting outside. And a heating stove which I dislike because it gets too warm too fast.


Till next time,