Abhisit vs Kasit on the seizing of the plane in Munich
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Abhisit vs Kasit on the seizing of the plane in Munich

The Bangkok Post:

Describing the plane seizure as a “huge mistake”, Mr Kasit said he would inform the German government of his grave concern about the incident and would ask the German court to immediately release the plane.

“This airplane is personal property, not that of the Thai government. So the German government cannot seize it,” Mr Kasit said.

All of the Thai people are worried about what happened,” he said.

The Thai government would study the court process because it was a unilateral action and it did not give a chance for the Thai government to dispute it.

The issue might affect bilateral ties between the two countries if the outcome was unreasonable, he said.

The Nation:

Werner Schneider, insolvency administrator for the firm at the centre of the affair, Walter Bau, said the seizure late on Tuesday followed repeated refusals by the Thai government to pay back alleged debts.

Kasit said he had placed Schneider on the “persona non grata” list banning him from entering Thailand.

The Nation:

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday that he expected the row to be concluded soon, adding that the government was doing all it can to resolve the problem urgently.

“The German government has provided legal assistance to the Thai side. This is a case filed by a private business and the administration has no power to intervene,” Abhisit said.

BP: Was struck when finally got a chance to catch up on the news and read what Kasit said. Was awestruck that he couldn’t separate the German liquidator from the German government, but at least Abhisit indirectly set him straight….

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