Why is the Puea Thai logo on the ballot paper so small?
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Why is the Puea Thai logo on the ballot paper so small?

Puea Thai are upset over the Puea Thai logo that the Election Commission has used for the party vote ballot paper. A sample is below:

BP: Puea Thai are No. 1 and you see there logo is barely legible. The complaint is not that people won’t realize that Puea Thai is No. 1, but that they will put the X in the logo box instead of the box on the right-hand side (which is the correct box) – see below:

BP: The confusion will be because the constituency vote ballot paper has the box for the X right next to the number as per the below sample:


BP: The explanation from one of the Election Commissioners was that Puea Thai’s logo included the wording Puea Thai to the right and hence it had to be shrunk down to fit. He said the ballot papers have been printed so there is nothing that can be done, but that the EC will do PR work to make people aware of which box to mark the X in although another Election Commissioner is surprised noting she (yes, it is Sodsri!) hasn’t seen the ballot papers before. In response to the Puea Thai complaints some pro-government people on Twitter posted a link to the Government Gazette on page 290 and said the logo used by the EC is just a shrunken logo of the below


Source: This PDF

BP: Although, BP should note it is the 2008 Government Gazette so it is unclear whether a newer version has been gazetted since then (if it was the end of May 2011 post-dissolution page from the Gazette then it would be a different story OR if one of the election commissioners stated that the logo in the 2008 was the latest). Other pro-Puea Thai people pointed to the following material from the EC which shows the normal Puea Thai logo:


BP: The writing in Thai states this was distributed by the EC – you can see the real page here – and then also the below screenshot from the EC website with the normal Puea Thai logo: PTEC

BP: This is a partial screenshot the EC General Election 2011 main page in English and can be found here – the page in Thai is not so colorful and we just have text.

So BP did a google image search of the EC website for Puea Thai and found both:


BP: Then if you click on the image on the left, you get to this page which has a Google cache of the image and then if you click on full-size image on that page you get a different image (i.e the image on the right-hand side of the Google image search page). This looks like the EC has changed the image.

So was this a Puea Thai mistake? If so, why is the EC using different forms of the Puea Thai logo? Won’t that confuse people?*

It fits into the Puea Thai narrative of the EC being against them – whether true or not is another matter – and there is still time to educate voters before they vote about which box to mark the X in…

*corrected title and updated this paragraph.

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