Web ratings in China disabled for propaganda movie
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Web ratings in China disabled for propaganda movie

BEIJNG (AP) — At least two major entertainment websites in China have stopped allowing users to review the country’s newest propaganda blockbuster on the ruling Communist Party.

The sites, mtime.com and douban.com, have removed their star rating system and disabled the function for user reviews for “Beginning of the Great Revival,” which opened about three weeks ago to mixed reactions from audiences.


A Chinese girl walks past movie posters of China new propaganda film "Beginning of the Great Revival", right, and Hollywood movie "Kungfu Panda 2", left. Pic: AP.

The movie was made to celebrate the Communist Party’s 90th anniversary on Friday. It has a star-studded cast and authorities have tried to boost its appeal by barring theaters from premiering Hollywood blockbusters during its run.

The movie traces events from the fall of the last imperial dynasty in 1911 until the founding of the party in 1921.

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