Volcanic ash cancels Australian flights again
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Volcanic ash cancels Australian flights again

SYDNEY (AP) — Several international and domestic flights through Australian airports were canceled Tuesday due to an ash cloud from a Chilean volcano moving into the country’s airspace.

Ash from the Cordon Caulle volcano grounded hundreds of flights and stranded tens of thousands of passengers last week when it hovered over several Australian cities and New Zealand. By Friday, all flights were running normally, but the ash has lapped the globe and is causing more problems.

Australian flagship carrier Qantas said Tuesday that it had suspended all services to and from the southern city of Adelaide, all flights through the national capital, Canberra, starting at noon, and all flights through Sydney, Australia’s largest city, from mid-afternoon.


A sole Qantas worker stands at an empty check-in terminal at Sydney Airport. Pic: AP.

Qantas flights to Europe via Bangkok were moved up to early afternoon, while six flights to New Zealand were canceled.

Qantas budget subsidiary Jetstar made similar cancellations in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. Jetstar canceled a handful of flights between Melbourne and Perth.

Budget airline Tiger said it grounded its entire fleet at least until early afternoon because the planes were in cloud-affected areas.

Virgin Australia canceled all flights to Adelaide, and flights through Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne from early afternoon.

Chile said Sunday that the Cordon Caulle volcano, which began erupting June 4, was becoming less active.