University of Sydney
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University of Sydney

The University of Sydney was first founded in 1850 and has grown to become one of Australia’s most prestigious educational institutions. With its wide variety of flexible degrees, students are encouraged to take their studies in a direction which suits them best. This versatility ensures that graduates have the skills and the knowledge that they need to start out on a career path that takes them wherever they want to go. By enrolling in the University of Sydney, students will join notable alumni such as former Prime Minister John Howard, former Governor-General William Deane, Tim Friedman from the Whitlams and Nobel Prize winner Sir John Cornforth.

The University of Sydney is also one of the top in the world in terms of research and offers a unique breadth of programs and research opportunities in each of its 16 faculties. Promoting the merits of academic freedom, intellectual inquisitiveness and moral ethics, the university offers a very positive environment in which students can undertake research that satisfies their curiosity and the need for progress and development. From medicine and law to arts and education, students can break new ground when completing their assigned research projects.


Pic: University of Sydney.

The university is also very internationally-focused and welcomes students from all over the globe. There are numerous exchange programs on offer so that people from all walks of life can meet and study together on one campus. International students will find themselves learning in a university rich in history and culture, alongside neo-gothic sandstone buildings and a variety of clubs and associations. Facilities, such as lecture halls, laboratories and sports complexes, are all state-of-the-art, ensuring that the past mixes seamlessly with the present in the one positive learning environment.

Academic Programs
The University of Sydney offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. These fall into a variety of disciplines within each of the 16 faculties on campus. Students can also partake in distance learning if they prefer to study from home or are unable to be in Sydney when the courses are being run.

Undergraduate Courses
Designed to give students a solid foundation on which to commence their career paths or step forward to further study, each undergraduate degree offered at the University of Sydney combines a wide range of knowledge, skills and critical thinking to form graduates who are experts in their chosen fields. Below is a sampling of what is currently being offered on campus:

  • Bachelor of Economics: This program is aimed at students who wish to find out the intricacies of business and government, and work in the finance, banking or business consulting industries. Topics covered include economic and social policy, and data and event analysis.
  • Bachelor of Visuals Arts: A studio-based program which provides students with the skills required to become a top contemporary visual artist. After choosing from areas such as ceramics, painting, photo media and sculpture, graduates will then be ready to join the modern-day arts world.
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced): Through this program, which combines an extensive number of majors (from physics to immunobiology to computer science) with advanced units which stimulate scientific thought and innovation, graduates will be ready to become tomorrow’s top scientists.
  • Bachelor of Music (Performance): A program aimed at students who have the talents to achieve a professional career in the music industry. Graduates will have learned and developed a range of performance skills in their chosen area of study – whether instrument, voice or jazz.

Postgraduate Courses
The University of Sydney also offers a number of postgraduate programs, aimed at further developing a student’s knowledge and skills either in the classroom or in a research-based environment. From master’s degrees to graduate diplomas and doctorates, there is a wide range of additional study available through the university. Some of the highlights are listed below:

  • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Orthodontics): This program provides students with the theoretical knowledge and the clinical expertise that they require to specialise in the orthodontic field. Graduates will have been taught all the latest therapy techniques and treatment philosophies found in the field today.
  • Master of Media Practice: This program is specialised for those who wish to produce content for the media industry. Covering a range of written and spoken skills, graduates will possess everything they need to create quality written and broadcast media within their first workplace position.
  • Master of Applied Science (Environmental Science): Within this program, students will learn about numerous environmental issues and how these problems can be solved through knowledge and innovative thinking. Courses will also go over research and practical skills required in this field.
  • Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies: A program created for those who wish to enter the field of full-time or freelance translating. While training how to translate all kinds of documents, students will learn a number of approaches and ethics, as well as the language skills required to succeed in the industry.

Student Life
While at the University of Sydney, students will have access to a wide range of clubs and associations where they can meet new people, develop important skills and get the assistance that they require. One of the most important of these is the Student Representative Council (SRC) which offers free educational and legal advice as well as a second-hand bookshop where students can purchase bargain textbooks. As well as the SRC, students will also appreciate the hard work of the University of Sydney Union (USU) as they assist in the running of almost everything on campus from the 200 clubs and societies to a multitude of food and beverage outlets.

For the active type, the University of Sydney offers a wide range of first-class sporting facilities within walking distance of the main campus. With a gymnasium, tennis and squash courts, an aquatic centre, a climbing centre and numerous ovals and squares, students can play a myriad of team and individual sports whenever they have a spare moment from their studies.

The more culturally-inclined will find plenty to do at the University of Sydney. Whether strolling through the SCA Galleries looking at the latest arts creations or enjoying some live music at the Manning Bar, lovers of the finer things in life will certainly find an activity or two that grabs their interest. There are also theatrical performances and plays regularly scheduled at the Seymour Centre and classical concerts showing at the Conservatorium of Music for those who prefer these artistic pursuits instead.


Pic: University of Sydney.

As for accommodation options, there is plenty of choice both on and off-campus. Within the residential colleges or the Sydney University Village, students will get to live with other like-minded individuals, making new friends and developing important skills in a completely supervised environment. Those who wish to live off-campus can find all of the assistance that they require either through the university webpage or at the SRC.

Living in Sydney
Sydney offers so much for the international student, thanks to its sprawling diversity and wealth of options. The city itself contains 4 million people, many of whom come from countries across the world. This multiculturalism means that there are a wide variety of restaurants, shows, festivals and districts in which you can find a taste of Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas. The international student living in Sydney is never too far away from a small taste of home.

Despite its size, Sydney is actually very easy to get around. With its extensive bus, rail and ferry network, getting somewhere is simply a matter of taking the right route. The University of Sydney is centrally-located and students will be able to get there regardless of where they are living around the city. There is also a light rail system in the central business district which goes to some of the area’s most important sites.

Finally, Sydney boasts of an impressive range of landmarks and activities. From the iconic Harbour Bridge to the world-famous Bondi Beach, there is no shortage of things to do in the city. For a bit of culture and history, the Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of New South Wales will expand your mind and your knowledge. As for those who love their sport, they can enjoy a match or two at Sydney Olympic Park or the Sydney Cricket Ground. Finally, there are plenty of other activities such are mini-golf, paintball, karaoke and fishing for students who are searching for something to do on the weekends or after class.

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