Top 10 travel websites in India
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Top 10 travel websites in India

India’s eCommerce pie is worth Rs. 47,000 crore a year and online travel takes a sweet Rs. 37890 crores out of it. Internet traffic is growing apace too. Comscore report says that there is a 32% overall surge in traffic to the travel websites and Indian railways catering and eTicketing website IRCTC get the maximum eyeballs.

It is almost a second coming for eCommerce in India. Travel websites are one of the things people go online for. Travel websites hog 80% of India’s eCommerce rupees. Indian railways or IRCTC is the epicenter of this revolution and a premier destination online. It has been the poster child of eCommerce in India. When it comes to travel websites it leaves everyone behind. The success of IRCTC is not because of its great user interface or super responsive website. It is because of the backbone called Indian railways which runs more than 10,000 trains traversing India. Rail is the most affordable mode of transportation and the low cost flying which Capt. Gopinath kick started did not dent Indian railways even a wee bit.

18.5 million online users visited a travel website in April 2011. 8.4 million visitors landed on IRCTC. MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Cleartrip and Expedia make up the top 5. Interesting addition to the list is which provides online ticketing for various private buses plying across the country. is the IRCTC for buses.

Here are the top 10 travel websites in India:

comscore-india-travel  MakeMyTrip, which went for an IPO recently, is holding a tight grip on the aviation market. MakeMyTrip might never come close to Indian Railway’s dominant position but holding to its own is no mean task.  Given the current state of Indian aviation, MakeMyTrip’s growth is commendable. MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Yatra and Expedia almost fall in the same place. Redbus and Indian Railways are the only two websites which don’t have competition in sight. For Indian Railways the competition might never come as Indian railways in government monopoly. Bus segment can use some competition but Redbus seems to be too far ahead. Come next year, Redbus might crawl two to three places up the ladder.

Source : Comscore