Sommarlov + travelling (or summer vacation)
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Sommarlov + travelling (or summer vacation)



It is my last day at home in Belgrade. To be precise – last 5 hours. 

Packing is an art. If you never tried to pack electronics, paintings, shoes, dresses and God knows what all together in a hand luggage, you are missing a lot. There is nothing more fun than that (except for maybe airport officer going through all of it). When I was coming here from Goteborg my luggage was empty. Now, somehow, it’s full with stuff.

Most common question is why I am returning to Sweden during holidays. 

Though family and friends are tempting reason to stay, I don’t really have anything to do at home. Reading books, going out and partying can only be interesting to a certain point. That is why I decided that summer in Sweden would be a great chance to practice language, see happy Swedes (sun powers them up from being “cold” to being too “warm” and friendly, but it’s fun) and most of all – enjoy other parts of country as well. In these 10 months of studying: Goteborg, Malmo and Stockholm [] were most interesting cities to visit. I’ve been around, to smaller places in Goteborg’s municipality, but nothing too far away. Now it is time to explore!

My friend and I plus Pippin the cat are going to Floby for the weekend. Great friend, summer house, barbecue, flower garden and a good camera – all that is needed to enjoy – seeing different parts of Sweden is like a bonus.

Bonus you should (and most people do) use while studying abroad. At least for me it is much easier and cheaper to travel from Sweden than from Serbia. And with group of friends ready for adventure – it cannot be boring. Also, Chalmers University organizes trips depending on the courses you take: Nordic architecture course took us to Denmark for a week. Basically we went from far north to far south of Denmark to see different buildings (for an architect it is the best thing ever). Then unforgettable ESN Sea Battle cruises which I missed last, but won’t miss this year. And on top of it all – Russia road trip that took my breath away [ and]. I’ll add more when I get hold of my hard disk, for the time being these pictures from my other blog will suffice. 

Till the next time and pics from Floby,